English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

EAP Tutor, Michael Jenkins, and Tutee, Dr Ahmed Halil, finally meet in Edinburgh.

International academic/scientific communities’ lingua franca

English, as the lingua franca of the international academic/scientific communities, remains critical to supporting engagement within the wider international academic arena. This includes access to extant literature and communication with others, whether through publication in peer-reviewed journals or conference presentations.

The EAP strand combines weekly online one-to-one tutor sessions, with weekly online group English and Speaking Practice sessions. Syria Programme (SP) participants are allocated to one of six EAP levels, according to their English language skills. Progress is monitored approximately every 10-months through the online British Council Aptis test, which is provided at cost, and one-to-one EAP tutor assessments.

Over 90 SP participants are currently engaged in one or more of the following EAP activities.

Weekly one-to-one Online Sessions

Over 75 University EAP experts currently volunteer to provide weekly one hour online EAP sessions to Cara Syria Programme participants, many of whom have been partnered for several years.

Weekly Online Group Sessions: General English & Speaking Practice Sessions

These two online group sessions, initially introduced to compensate for the loss of in-person EAP workshops over the pandemic, have become an integral part of the online EAP activities, supporting those with little or no English, as well as to supplement weekly online one-to-one sessions.

Summer English Pre-sessionals and General English Courses

A number of UK universities have waived their fees to enable Cara Syria Programme participants to take part in their in-house programmes. Several, including the universities of Leeds, Edinburgh and South Wales (USW), have also been able to provide pro bono accommodation.

EAP Steering Committee

EAP activities are guided by the EAP Steering Committee, currently made up of senior university EAP experts from the universities of Reading, Oxford, Bristol, and QMUL, who meet weekly online and take on the role as volunteers.

Volunteer as an EAP Tutor

The SP relies extensively on the support of volunteers amongst whom are over 65 EAP tutors supporting weekly one-to-one online EAP sessions and group sessions. Should you wish to join us please contact keeley@cara.ngo. Minimum qualifications: MA in TESOL/Applied Linguistics preferably, but other MAs may also be suitable; DELTA or similar level teaching qualification; EAP teaching experience (at least one year); and teaching experience in higher education if not covered by EAP teaching experience (at least one year). We owe a massive debt to all who give so freely of their time, expertise and energy in an act of solidarity with their Syrian colleagues.

“I have benefited a lot from Cara’s sessions and encouragement. Learning English with my tutors, Emily and Heather, I was able to publish in world ranking journals.”

Sultan Jalabi, Social Scientist