Writing Research Proposals & Writing for Publication

4 - 6 August, 2023

Led by: Prof Anastasia Christou/University of Middlesex and Dr Maggie Charles/University of Oxford.

This workshop was run to support development of participants research for the April 2023 Grant Call.

The workshop supported the development of draft funding proposals either for submission to the Cara Syria Programme, or to a selected third-party funder, as well as supporting groups working on their final study outputs for publication. For those working up research proposals, the workshop focused on structure, academic language and the refining of each section to ensure accuracy and coherence. The workshop was underpinned by goal setting and monitoring of progress.

Main Workshop Aims

  • To enhance proposal writing skills
  • To develop a near final version of a structured proposal
  • To support writing of final study outputs from previous grant rounds
  • To develop collegial working group patterns and interactive learning approaches

Key Outcomes

  • Participants will finalise agreement of how to proceed with proposals.
  • Participants will learn how to respond succinctly to funder criteria.
  • Participants will learn new vocabulary for academic/scientific writing.
  • Participants working on proposals will produce a near final version of their proposal.
  • Participants working on final academic outputs will learn how to structure and deliver a publishable paper.