Writing for Publication

7 - 9 June, 2024

A British Academy International Writing Workshop

Led by: Dr Tahir Zaman/University of Sussex, Dr Saad Alyamam Vafaibaaj/Sakarya University of Applied Sciences and Nasrin Akhter/EAP Tutor

Main Workshop Aims

  • To develop an understanding of the submission processes relating to peer-reviewed publications.
  • To strengthen academic writing skills as a key part of the publication and research process.
  • To build professional relations between Syrian and UK academics.

Workshop participants will have:

  • Built their research writing capacity and engaged in professional and scholarly networks.
  • Developed four areas of writing expertise: content, process, rhetorical and formal knowledge.
  • Enhanced their working relationships and professional networks.
  • Developed an understanding of how different publication formats can contribute to a broader dissemination strategy.
  • Developed their genre awareness academic writing and linguistic skills.
  • Enhanced their research presentation and discussion skills within an academic conference context.