Researching Syrian Higher Education: A collaborative project between Syrian Academics

2 - 5 June, 2017

In collaboration with University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education.

Led by: Prof Colleen McLaughlin/University of Cambridge, Dr Jo-Anne Dillabough/University of Cambridge, Dr Olena Fimyar/University of Cambridge and Mona Jebril/University of Cambridge.

Workshop Aim To learn the following research skills

  1. Working as members of a research team;
  2. Identifying criteria for high quality research;
  3. Visual mapping and elicitation;
  4. Reflexivity; defining a research topic;
  5. Identifying ethical challenges in qualitative interviewing;
  6. Developing interview protocol;
  7. Interview techniques, establishing rapport, active listening, probing and elaborating;
  8. Developing research design; sampling and data sources; recruiting study participants;
  9. Evaluating research design;
  10. Giving and receiving feedback on research design;
  11. Reviewing research skills learnt and working as a team;
  12. Needs assessment for future research work and collaboration