Researching Syrian Higher Education: A collaborative project between Syrian Academics

15 - 18 July, 2017

In collaboration with University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education.

Led by: Prof Colleen McLaughlin/University of Cambridge, Dr Jo-Anne Dillabough/University of Cambridge, Dr Olena Fimyar/University of Cambridge and Mona Jebril/University of Cambridge.

Workshop Aim To learn the following research skills

  1. Planning stages of data analysis;
  2. Reporting using narratives and maps; critically approach issues of ethics, anonymity and confidentiality in research;
  3. Reflexivity and reflection in research;
  4. Preparation of data for analysis, anonymising data;
  5. Data coding and data summary;
  6. Practising creating composite case studies and cameos;
  7. Developing frameworks for literature review;
  8. Approached to data presentation and data visualisation;
  9. Critically approaching the issues of opinion, evidence and triangulation in research;
  10. Writing report outline;
  11. Writing executive summaries of research projects;
  12. Planning writing up and dissemination.

Outputs Discussion on how to report data started; Reports on Data Collection submitted; Reflections on methods written; Transcripts are prepared for analysis; The system for coding respondents across all sites developed; Working/thematic groups are formed; Cameos and summaries of data are written.

The list of emerging themes and overarching categories from literature review and analysis of interviews developed Outline of findings written; Outline of conclusions written; Plan of future work and deadlines agreed; Arabic to English translation of the sections of the report agreed.