Proposal Writing Workshop

1 - 4 August, 2019

Led by: Dr Tom Parkinson/University of Kent.

This workshop was run to support development of participants research for the July 2019 Grant Calls.

Main Workshop Topics:

Introduction to the Cara Syrian Fellowship Scheme

  • Key principles of grant proposal writing
  • Summarising the project for lay audiences (non-specialist language)
  • Finding some examples of literature

Literature review

  • Setting out the ‘state of the art’
  • Identifying gaps in the knowledge base
  • Locating the study in relation to extant research


  • Research questions
  • Choosing appropriate methods
  • Engaging with methodological literature

Impact and beneficiaries

  • Defining academic value and impact beyond academia
  • Academic and non-academic beneficiaries
  • Publication/output strategy

An EAP colleague provided support throughout, focussing particularly on sentence level writing, idioms and vocabulary.