Food Cultures and Histories

24 - 27 March, 2019

Led by: Dr Tom Parkinson/University of Kent and Dr Lisa Boden/University of Edinburgh.

Workshop Aims

  • To explore the theme of Food Cultures and Histories. 
  • To support collaboration on an interdisciplinary grant proposal.
  • To develop skills and attributes for academic community building.
  • To develop participants’ skills working across disciplines.
  • To share diverse multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • To generate intradisciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary insights.
  • To formulate project ideas for a large grant proposal.

Workshop Theme and Approach The theme of the workshop was ‘food cultures and histories’ in Northern Syria and studying the significant role the arts and humanities have played in highlighting the emotional, cultural and experiential dimensions of this applied scientific core. The workshop adopted a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, exploring the theme from different disciplinary perspectives including music, religion, art, gender, law, history, literature, archaeology, anthropology etc.

An English for academic purposes expert provided one-to-one support to participants.