English for Academic Purposes (EAP) & Academic Skills Development (ASD) Workshop

28 - 30 April, 2017

Overall Aims To prepare for the experience of online language learning and to provide intensive interactive language practice. 

Preparation for the online programme

  • To incentivise involvement in and commitment to the online support programme.
  • To provide a taster of the kind of activities which will be used in the online programme providing examples of activity types and establishing expectations with regard to the programme
  • To discuss the challenges of and establish good practice with regard to online language learning
  • To sort out potential technical difficulties with accessing materials and communicating with tutors
  • To formalise commitment by requiring a commitment to a formal learning agreement

Language learning

  • To provide interactive activities pitched at the appropriate level with appropriate academic content to raise confidence in language use, especially in speaking
  • To provide on task and delayed feedback on English language competence and performance
  • To activate previous language learning
  • To generate a sense of a supportive learning / study community
  • To produce of a tangible outcome / project from the weekend – e.g. poster presentation

ASD Workshop objectives

  • To provide a structure and stimulus for participants to reflect upon their academic identities and aspirations
  • To facilitate the sharing of insights and experiences
  • To identify academic development priorities in the short and longer term
  • To elicit insights and ideas relating to how these priorities might be addressed
  • To gain insight and information that can be used to shape the design and content of the CARA Syria academic development strand
  • To gauge the level(s) of English language ability within the group, and the implications of this for the pedagogic approach
  • To provide opportunities for participants to practice and gain confidence in the English language comprehension and communication skills