English for Academic Purposes

6 - 10 February, 2020

Led by: Michael Jenkins/University of Edinburgh, Manuel Flores-Lasarte/University of Sheffield, Sarah Mattin/University of Reading and Dr Maggie Charles/University of Oxford.

Level 1 (IELTS equivalent 2.0 to 4.0)

Topics covered: Personality, daily routines and description of building and location

  • Grammar: yes/no questions; adverbs of frequency; comparatives
  • Vocabulary related to personality, daily routines and description of buildings and location.
  • Pronunciation: word stress in sentences, intonation in statements, linking consonants when speaking.
  • Listening: note-taking skills, gist and detail on the different topics covered in the workshop.
  • Speaking: useful phrases to conduct a survey and participate in class discussions
  • Writing a personal profile.

Level 2 (IELTS equivalent 4.0 to 5.5)

Topics covered:

  • Grammar: Question formation and verb tense review.
  • Speaking and Writing: expressing levels of certainty in spoken and written academic English. 
  • Speaking and Writing: analysing problems and evaluating solutions in spoken and written academic English.
  • Speaking: Participating in group discussion to exchange views and reach agreement.
  • Writing: Linking ideas and building an argument.
  • Writing: Writing an abstract.

Level 3 and Level 4 (IELTS equivalent 5.5+)

Topics covered:

  • Focus on academic writing: introductions to articles and literature reviews.
  • Grammar used in academic contexts: accuracy and fluency.
  • Describing data: trends and changes.
  • Listening to lectures: overall meaning and detail.
  • Pronunciation: overview of sound system and word stress.
  • General fluency practice in common academic situations.