English for Academic Purposes

12 - 16 June, 2019

Level 1 (IELTS equivalent 2.0 to 3.0)

Topics covered:

  • Grammar: First conditional, ‘yes/no’ questions, ‘wh’ question, present simple, present continuous and simple past.
  • Vocabulary: Possessions, routines, family and the internet.
  • Phrasing: Introducing yourself and exchanging personal information.
  • Learning: How to develop your vocabulary.
  • Presentation: Giving a short presentation.

Level 2 (IELTS equivalent 3.0 to 4.5)

Topics covered:

  • Speaking: Skills for giving presentations leading to students giving individual presentations, fluency practice (students talking about their lives and work).
  • Pronunciation: Saying numbers/dates accurately, stress and rhythm in spoken English.
  • Grammar: Question formation and structuring definitions.
  • Vocabulary: Key verbs for academic English, how to keep effective records of vocabulary.
  • Writing: Summarising research in a paragraph

Level 3 (IELTS equivalent 5.0+)

Topics covered:

  • Speaking (fluency): Participation in extended discussion with a focus on politeness. Academic presentations.
  • Language Resources: Using academic papers as a source for language.
  • Literature Review: Reviewing the Literature: Citation practices (quotation, paraphrase, summary).
  • Grammar: Relative clauses.
  • Pronunciation: Word and sentence stress.