Digital Humanities

5 - 9 July, 2019

Led by: Dr Cath Camps/University of South Wales, Dr Tom Parkinson/University of Kent and Alan Vaughan Hughes/Cardiff University.

Workshop Aims

  • To explore a shared understanding of what constitutes the digital humanities within Syrian and UK HE; 
  • To develop the use of digital objects as part of an oral history interviewing methodology and skill set; 
  • To develop skills and attributes for academic community building;
  • To develop participants’ skills working across disciplines;
  • To share diverse multidisciplinary perspectives;
  • To generate intradisciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary insights.

Workshop Theme and Approach The theme of the workshop was the Digital Humanities, which looked to explore the developing field within the Syrian and UK context. The workshop adopted a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, enabling participants to extend their knowledge and skills on both the planning for, and creation of digital objects as part of an academic research project.