Writing for Publication: Turning your grant findings into academic papers, Data Analysis and Initial Write up

23 - 25 September, 2019

Led by: Dr Tom Parkinson/University of Kent and Dr Marion Heron/University of Surrey.

This workshop was run to support development of participants research for the July 2019 Grant Calls.

At this stage of the grant process, the research implementation phase will have been completed. This workshop, as the third larger grant-related workshop in a cycle of four, was to facilitate the collective team review and analysis of research data and an initial write up of findings with principal investigators, as the basis of a report to Cara and an academic paper. The collective drafting of an academic paper took place during the fourth and final workshop of this Strand 5 grant round. 

Main Workshop Topics

  • Structuring research outputsĀ 
  • Reporting and discussing findings
  • Identifying appropriate journals and dissemination channels
  • Writing an academic paper
  • Complying with publisher guidance and criteria
  • Publication ethics
  • Review data quality and identification of gaps.
  • Data analysis and coding.
  • Initial write up of data.
  • Presentation of findings.
  • Identifying focus for an academic paper.
  • Identifying a relevant journal to which the paper will be submitted.
  • Developing a wider dissemination strategy for research findings, e.g. conferences.