Cara Research Grant Recipients Writing for Publication

29 - 2 October, 2022

Led by: Dr Tom Parkinson/University of Kent and Prof Anastasia Christou/Middlesex University.

This workshop was run to support development of participants research for the September 2021 Grant Call.

This workshop supported the winners of the Cara Research Grants in refining their research for publication, focussing on refining the sections of research articles and ensuring accuracy and coherence. Tardy’s (2009) framework of writing expertise was used to identify strengths and weaknesses as writers and to develop using a number of different resources. The structure of the research paper sections and the academic language required for this genre were considered. The workshop was underpinned by goal setting and monitoring of progress.

Specific outcomes

  • Produce a manuscript for submission to a journal
  • Gain an understanding of the submission, peer-review and publication processes
  • Develop their skills in research writing for publication, in particular their knowledge of writing expertise
  • Learn new vocabulary for academic/scientific writing
  • Develop their skills in presenting and discussing their research