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Abdulhadi Hamdoun

Abdulhadi Hamdoun

Abdulhadi Hamdoun is a Syrian musician living in Istanbul, Turkey.


arthereistanbul was founded in 2014 by and for Syrian artists to serve as a point of encounter for artists facing the challenges of not having a place to work and develop their practice, after leaving their country and settling in Istanbul. Since then, the activities of the organization have expanded to encompass a broader conversation between artists and cultural practitioners regardless of nationality.
arthereistanbul is an independent, nonpartisan space for artistic creation, dialogue, and culture, far away from conflict and political rivalries. We are anchored in the present moment, serving the role of supporter and mediator, but keenly aware of the rich cultural and artistic diversity of the Middle East, that we conceive as historical geography, home to many cultures, without defined borders or binding ideologies.

عبد الهادي حمدون Abdulhadi Hamdoun هو موسيقي سوري يعيش في اسطنبول، تركيا.

Session 4: Cultural event 4

Thursday 9th December at 18:00-20:00 GMT. English OR Arabic