19-20 June, 2019

Syrian Academics and their role in the future of food security for Syria

A parallel SP Round Table was run in Istanbul in partnership with, and co-funded by, the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on Food Security in Syria, followed up by a series of University of Edinburgh run research projects under the umbrella title: ‘Global Health and Food Security in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS).

More Roundtables

RT1 Sustaining Syria’s Intellectual Capital: Academics as Agents for Change

09-10 June, 2016

Hosted by The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul

Co-hosted in Istanbul by Bogazici University (Day1) and the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (Day 2),...

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RT2 Academic Development for Conflict and Refugee Contexts

21-22 June, 2019

Hosted by

Run in Istanbul, it brought together colleagues from other conflict affected HEIs (e.g. West Bank, Belarus,...

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RT3 Immediate & Future Challenges for Syrian Higher Education

24-25 June, 2019

Hosted by

Run in Istanbul, aimed to facilitate the development of strategies to support continued delivery of HE...

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