Using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) to prepare geopolymer binder

All cement in Syria is imported, mainly from Turkey, at a relatively higher cost than what is affordable to locals wanting to rebuild their infrastructure and economy. Whilst the use of imported Portland cement (PC) cannot be realistically eliminated, this work will focus on reducing the amount of imported cement used, by designing and testing a Sustainable Syrian Cement (SSC), which is a blended cement composed of local raw materials together with imported PC, for use in reconstructing and repairing the damage caused by the Syrian civil war. The support of CARA for the Syrian academics to pursue research on building materials, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield and Middle East Technical University, both world-leading centres of excellence in construction materials science and engineering, will enhance application prospects of this project in the region. The team have already successfully completed a CARA-funded research project on the reuse of Syrian rubble as recycled aggregate and the draft journal article from that project is attached to this application. This proposed work extends from the previous work by further using the fine rubble parts not considered in the previous project. This work will also support exiled Syrian academics and allow them to lead research in this area by exposing them to internationally leading research environments and networks. Moreover, the outcomes of this work will lay the foundations for a new green and circular construction materials technology network in Syria and enable us to contribute as well to the global challenges of climate change and improving resource efficiency.

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