The Challenges of transforming shelter into homes: a case study of 3 camps in Northern Syria

One of the worst effects of the war in Syria is the internal displacement of people (IDPs) to camps where they lack basic elements of a decent life. However, the issue of resettling IDPs in good housing is not an important issue for international actors or supporters because of the belief that the war may end at any time. There is a general consensus among IDPs that they need to be handled with informal housing and replace the tents with houses built with weather-resistant building materials and to provide decent, low-cost, fast-built housing. Humanly and morally, it is extremely important to address the housing problem of internally displaced persons and to seek mechanisms for the construction of temporary, safe, cheap and rapidly constructed facilities. The study provides a range of mechanisms and programs that can help improve housing for IDPs. The study is based on the opinions of a suitable sample representative of the study population consisting of (100) questionnaires from the heads of families and residents of the northern Syrian camps in Azaz city and Jarablus city in the Euphrates Shield area. The study discusses the possibility of internally displaced persons to contribute to the physical and technical transfer of temporary tents into new housing.

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