Syrian cultural heritage during conflict: From destruction to reconstruction and its impact on Syrian cultural identity. Case Study of Aleppo

The ongoing conflict in Syria has led to massive destruction of the country’s cultural heritage. Serious violations have been documented including ones that have resulted in the demise of archaeological, historical and architectural monuments that represent a major part of Syria’s archaeological treasures. The damage and destruction of historic buildings undermine the sense of Syrian cultural identity that is enhanced by its cultural heritage. The current Syrian leadership has been restoring some of the country’s architectural heritage, but it seems that few of the standard practices of archaeological restoration have been applied (İCOMOS Charter 2003). This impact is heightened by the absence of local experts to plan and conduct restoration and reconstruction work; we fear that the absence of participation by international organizations and experts will also lead to further loss to Syrian built heritage the restoration of the old city of Aleppo highlights these risks. This research tackles the current restoration work and its impact on Syrian cultural identity.

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