Raqqa, a Photographic History since 2011

Syrian war has razed the city of Raqqa and several local and international armed forces participated in the destruction of this city in order to take the power and control it. The aim of this research study is to construct a photographic history about key-phases of social and demographic aspect of the Syrian city of Raqqa since 2011 so forth. This graphic study is based on historical framework method in efforts to structure chronologically the survey and show the evolution of the geopolitical and social situation. No photographic analysis has been conducted on Raqqa from the beginning of the war in Syria. A very few online articles with pictures have been written to focus only on the terror state caused by ISIS. They illustrate and serve unilateral topic according to a particular context and limited time. However, the social and demographic climate in this city has been neglected. That’s why this research examines some typical and historical photographs covering nine years of the conflict in Raqqa. This work will be organized as a book. It includes chapters with photography commented on by the author, a Syrian photographer based in Raqqa and myself (I am originally from Raqqa suburbs, so I know the area very well). Data collection and pictures will be managed and archived in collaboration with the photographer. I expect to construct a photography archive in relation with the social and demographic changes on the one hand and reconstruct a popular memory thanks to a visual language used throughout this study in order to formalize a contemporary history of this city.

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