Prison literature in the Syrian feminist novel after 2011

The topics that revolve around feminist writings in their prisons were approaching social relations and human emotions before the Syrian revolution, but after the revolution these writings broke into the broad political sphere, and were immersed in its events and positions, so that political writings did not remain the preserve of the male literary product. Syrian writers in exile have been able to monitor political transformations in Syria since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and have been able to break down the artificial barriers created by the political authority on the cultural product to provide a deeply controversial vision and talk about what was forbidden and forbidden in prisons. Their novels include two patterns; the first theme is the artistic theme that depends on the process of literary creative creation. The second theme is the historical pattern documenting events and real-life figures of the revolution. In an accomplished narrative style, they combined the living reality with all the pain and suffering it represents with the narrative imagination, by portraying the temporal and spatial space of prisons.

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