Negative Effects of Marriage Crime of Minors

The problem of marriage of minors is a common phenomenon in Syrian society, and some justify it based on religious beliefs, in that the Prophet Muhammad married Aisha at the age of 11, as stated in some books of the Prophet’s biography. This type of marriage has become an accepted custom in Syrian society and is preferred by large number of families. After 2011 and in the context of waves of displacement to Turkey, the negative effects of this marriage emerged significantly and clearly, and some Syrians have been imprisoned in Turkey for committing such a crime. This led to the dispersion of many families, due to husbands being placed in prison and wives being placed in care homes with their children. This has had severely negative consequences for such families. Firstly, the minor wife of the Syrian family (the first victim) is deprived of her childhood and her body is violated because she is not ready for sex. This marriage often results in a child (the second victim) who is placed in a care home without a father. Both lead to the disintegration of the Syrian family. Our primary research objective is to identify the causes and problems that lead a significant number of Syrian families to marry their young daughter and examine the extent to which religious beliefs influence the promotion of these marriages. Why is there no law in Syria that criminalizes this type of marriage? We will investigate this by looking at the real cases in the Turkish courts of Syrians imprisoned for this crime and visiting some families in this regard. We will review the opinions of the judges in the liberated north of Syria. We will put the subject in more than one research complex. In terms of a fair number of the penalty of imprisonment in Turkey, which criminalizes such a crime.

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