Improving some productivity indicators and suitability for machine harvesting of some sesame varieties by mutation method

Sesame is a highly demanded crop, but its cultivation is hindered by the inability to mechanise the harvest, resulting in increased costs. Mutation breeding has been proposed as a solution to develop indehiscent-capsule genotypes suitable for machine harvesting. In this study, irradiation mutations will be induced in sesame seeds to obtain new strains with desirable characteristics for mechanized harvesting. The irradiation process will take place at a food irradiation station in Istanbul using various radiation doses and methods, such as neutrons. The resulting seeds will be planted and evaluated for their morpho-physiological characteristics, yield, and ability to be mechanically harvested under semi-arid conditions in the Harran Plain. This project aims to develop indehiscent capsule sesame lines that can be used in future breeding studies and to encourage scientific research into developing disease-free, insect-resistant, and organic sesame crops.

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