Impact of the Syrian crisis and the recent drought on the availability and quality of irrigation and drinking water in Northwest Syria

The damage to the ecosystem caused by Syrian crisis can be summarized as direct and indirect effects, which include destruction of agricultural areas, dams, and irrigation canals, and the indirect effects include long term impact on the underground water table as a result of unmanaged usages of this table due to absence of the governance, random well digging, using the pumped drinking water for irrigation, water trade as water trucking for camps, and spread of using the solar power systems. After the crisis in Syria, the lack of drinking and irrigation water, and its quality are the top challenges affecting the agriculture and livestock sectors and stability of people. Our aim is to explore the water crisis in Northwest Syria highlighting the changes in the water supply system and the people’s adaptation after the Syrian crisis. In doing this we will answer the question of how are the irrigation and drinking water systems in North-West Syria affected by the Syrian crisis and climate changes?

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