Factors and consequences of divorce in Northern Syria

The passage of a decade of conflict in Syria has had a terrible impact on Syrian families. Syria has witnessed the largest wave of forced displacement in the past 10 years, affecting the change in the demographic distribution in northern Syria, and the gathering of (5167995) people from different parts of Syria (Support Coordination Unit, 2021). This led to the emergence of new patterns of life, customs, and cultures of the residents of other regions, different from the basic culture, and the emergence of negative social phenomena, including the spread of the phenomenon of divorce, which was reinforced by chaos, and the absence of regulations and laws. Local statistics indicate a high rate of divorce in Syria, and that the number of divorce cases relative to the number of marriages is on the rise, a matter confirmed by the Attorney General in one of the regions of northern Syria. We wish to answer the question of how the Syrian conflict and displacement affected the spread of divorce and its consequences on the family and society in northern Syria?

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