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Syria Programme Updates

10 January 2024

Rebuilding agriculture in Syria is crucial to ensuring food security and its economic recovery. To this end, in partnership with Syrian Academic Expertise (SAE) and facilitated by the Cara (Council for at-risk academics) Syria Programme, the University of Sussex initiated the Agricultural Voices Syria (AVS) project as a knowledge transfer initiative to help sustain farmers in Northwest Syria. Phase 1 (2021) involved the development and broadcast of a podcast series, expanded in phase 2 (2022) to include videos. These continue to be produced and shared focusing on key topics including sustainable practices.

To disseminate this work and its value in other spheres e.g., public health, four workshops (two in Syria, one in Turkey and one online) were run in 2021 and 2022 attended by key representatives from NGOs, local councils, and the private sector active in Northwest Syria, as well as a wider group of agricultural experts.