Syrian Cultural Heritage: Global North/South Collaboration

7th December 2021

Led by Prof Jen Baird, Professor of Archaeology, Birkbeck, University of London and Dr Kristen Hopper, Assistant Professor or Archaeology, Durham.

Session Studies:

  • Adnan Almohamad ‘The destruction of cultural heritage in Syria: The case of Shash Hamdan Tomb in the Upper Euphrates, 1995-2020.’
  • Dr Adnan Rashid Mamo ‘The Impact of the Syrian conflict on archaeological sites in Al-Hasakah province. (EAMENA PROJECT)’
  • Dr Hassan Almohammed ‘Graffiti in Raqqa: Social and political memory.’
  • Adnan Almohamad ‘The destruction and looting of cultural heritage sites by ISIS in Syria: The case of Manbij and its countryside.’
  • Dr Mahmoud Zinalabadin ‘Syrian cultural heritage during conflict: From destruction to reconstruction and its impact on Syrian cultural identity. The case of Aleppo.’