Place-Based Creative Workshop with 11 Women Visiting Zeugma Mosaic Museum

1st October 2022

As part of a Cara academic writing workshop in Gaziantep, Dr Bahriye Kemal/University of Kent led and co-organised a place-based creative writing workshop with 11 women participants for the Women Writing Syria: Displacement, Movement and Resilience project. The workshop was co-designed and co-delivered with members of the Cara programme, including Dr Bahriye Kemal, Dr Rida Anis and Fozya Aldared, and Professor Jennifer Baird. The workshop consisted of a visit to the Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep, wherein participants were provided with various prompts that aided them to write their creative pieces. It started with talks, a walk through the museum, and pauses at various key sites/pieces, which were addressed through an Archaeological and Mythical framing delivered by Professor Jennifer Baird, and a Postcolonial Cultural, Literary and Spatial framing delivered by Dr Kemal. This was followed by reading and discussing the texts Lucian of Samosata, and finally ending with a writing task. The 11 creative outputs from this workshop are now being edited by Dr Kemal and will be part of the Women Writing Syria Anthology.