Teaching and Language Corpora Conference

13-16 July, 2022 hosted by University of Limerick

Topics that are within the scope of TaLC include, but are not necessarily limited to, corpus-based approaches to language learning, teaching and assessment in the following areas:

Teaching first and second languages (including data-driven learning materials and student-centred linguistic investigation); Research on second language acquisition and learner corpus research; Learner language; Teaching languages for specific purposes, professional purposes, workplaces, business etc; Using corpora across the curriculum (including all pedagogic contexts such as further, professional and other types of education); Teaching interpreting and translation; Teaching literature, culture and history; Teaching intercultural communication; Developing pedagogic grammars and learner dictionaries; Developing corpora/tools/resources for language learning and teaching; Teacher education; Teaching of corpus methods to students and researchers in linguistics (and other areas of inquiry) and mobile language learning/teaching and corpora.

Paper presented by Maggie Charles, Ahmed Halil, Michael Jenkins, and Karin Whiteside. “What gets funded? A learner corpus study of grant proposal summaries by L1 Arabic Syrian academics”.

Conference proceedings:


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