1st International Gobeklitepe Agriculture Congress

25-27 November, 2019 hosted by Harran University

Presentation: ‘The Expression and Inheritance of 100 Seeds Weight and Growth Habit Traits Across Ten Wild Crossed with Cultivated Chickpea (NAM) Advanced Generation Populations’ by Dr. Abdulkarim Lakmes.

Publications: Lakmes A., Jhar A., Brennan A. and Kahraman A. (2019). ‘The expression and inheritance of 100 seed weight and growth habit of ten wild crossed with cultivated chickpea (NAM) advanced generation populations.’ 1st International Gobeklitepe Agriculture Congress. 22-25 November 2019. Sanliurfa. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338395615_The_Expression_and_Inheritance_of_100_Seed_Weight_and_Growth_Habit_of_Ten_Wild_Crossed_with_Cultivated_Chickpea_NAM_Advanced_Generation_Populations

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