Citations of SP Research Paper Continues to Grow

Syria Programme Updates

Syria Programme (SP) research papers are being increasingly cited, with over a quarter having been published in the top quartile journals. This serves to highlight the impact of SP-supported research, demonstrating its relevance and quality, as well as its contribution to knowledge and the global academic community, e.g.

Sarmini I., Scharbrodt O. and Topcu E. (2020) ‘Integrating Syrian refugee children in Turkey: The role of Turkish language skills (a case study in Gaziantep).International Journal of Educational Research Open. Cited 47 times.

Ahmet A., Omaish H., Alabdullah M. O. Assaf M. and Zhou H. (2021) ‘A smart agricultural application: Automated detection of diseases in vine leaves using hybrid deep learning.’ Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. Cited 27 times.

Alhaj Omar F., Anwer A. M. O. and and Kulaksiz A. A. (2020) ‘Design of a fuzzy logic-based MPPT controller for a PV system employing sensorless control of MRAS-based PMSM.International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems. Cited 21 times.

Dillabough J A., Fimyar O., McLaughlin C., Al Azmeh Z., Abdullateef S. and Abedtalas M. (2018) ‘Conflict, insecurity and the political economies of higher education: The case of Syria post-2011.’ International Journal of Comparative Education and Development (IJCED), 20 (3-4), pp. 176-196. Cited 19 times.

Al Mohamad A. and Baird J. (2021) ‘The destruction and looting of cultural heritage sites by ISIS in Syria: The case of Manbij and its countryside.’ International Journal of Cultural Property. Cited 15 times.