Challenges Facing International Aid Delivery to Northwest Syria: A Future Vision


This 2-day round table (1-2 June 2024) was convened by the Cara Syria Programme to bring together key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and institutions, to facilitate an open exchange of perspectives, experiences, and forward-looking visions. By collectively grappling with the complexities at hand, it sought to develop innovative solutions and strategies to overcome existing barriers and ensure that vital aid reaches those most in need.

The ongoing Syrian conflict constitutes a devastating humanitarian crisis affecting all areas of Syrian society. The destruction brought about by the war has impacted the country as a whole, and the northwest (NW) in particular. Frequent shelling and airstrikes have destroyed vital infrastructure and led to a mass internal displacement to NW Syria, with resulting pressure on resources, the spread of camps, and a severe lack of aid to meet the needs of both local and displaced populations. Although the international community has been providing aid to the region, delivery to NW Syria has faced numerous challenges, including insufficient funding, access difficulties, precarious security, and international sanctions. Despite the passage of time, governmental and donor policies remain largely unchanged, even as new obstacles emerge, profoundly shaping the landscape of aid provision in NW Syria and underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions to address the growing humanitarian crisis.

The Round Table discussions, and allied interviews, will inform a wider piece of research being undertaken by Cara Fellow, Dr Fateh Shaban with a final report due to be published in the latter part of 2024.