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Tuesday 7th December at 6:00pm GMT (English) hosted by Adnan Rashid Mamo

The Impact of the Syrian conflict on archaeological sites in Al-Hasakah province. (EAMENA PROJECT) (English)

This project assessed the impact of the Syrian war on archaeological sites in Al-Hasakah Province, through the detailed analysis of satellite images that were captured between 2004 and 2020. It explored 340 sites to establish the nature and causes of various types of damage, comparing their pre-was (pre-2011) condition with their current condition, in order to assess increased levels of damage and gauge the impact of the conflict, both direct and indirect. The findings were also compared to previously published information collected primarily through field visits by local authorities and have been used to produce a list of 50 sites that, according to this analysis, are deemed to be most at risk and in need of interventions to safeguard them for the future.