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Wednesday 8th December at 11:00am GMT (English) hosted by Dr Fateh Shaban

The impact of the civil war in Syria on road networks in the Northeast of Aleppo. (English)

The war in Syria has inflicted extensive damage on Syria’s physical infrastructure. It has been deliberately destroyed, whether in cities or rural areas. The aim of this study was to investigate the state of the road network in the northeast of Aleppo Governorate, which is one of the most complex regions in terms of the dominant powers on the ground in Syria. The study was conducted using satellite imagery to compare the state of the network in 2010 and in 2020. Data from satellite imagery was corroborated and validated by other sources and means, including interviews with residents in the study area. It was found that movement between areas controlled by different forces was extremely difficult because of the destruction of the transport network and the distribution of military checkpoints on roads. The destruction was the result of the conflict in the region, either direct or indirect. This study aims to draw attention of the international community to the impact of the crisis on Syria’s road networks, a physical manifestation of the suffering to which Syrians living in the region have endured, it also serves to highlight the extent of the reconstruction work that will need to be done in relation to Syria’s networks.