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Monday 6th December at 2:00pm GMT (English) hosted by Dr Rida Anis

The feminine sense & sensibility in the narratives of 4 contemporary Syrian women writers in the diaspora. (English)

This study analyses the narratives, i.e. 8 novels, written by four avant-garde Syrian female authors, each with their own diasporic experiences: Sawsan Jamil Hasan, Ibtisam Tracy, Mohja Kahf and Amal Kassir. The authors and their novels were selected to allow the capture of authentic representations of Syrian women’s identities by Syrian women, a counterpoint to the all too frequent hackneyed orientalist or colonialist portrayals. The diasporic experiences of these authors clearly reflect post-colonial and transnational perspectives, deconstructing patriarchal stereotypes of the Arab/Muslim woman. The portrayal of female characters in the 8 novels indicates a changing gender role relative to family, society and country (Syria &/or that of exile) post 2011. Little is known about Arab and Muslim female writers, and even less about Syrian female authors, whose voices have not received the critical attention they deserve. They are leaders in transnational women’s literature who, due to their diasporic experiences, write with the dual consciousness and combined insights of Syrians and transnationals. The literature of these 4 female Syrian writers reflects the complicated socio-political context in which all Syrians (men and women) currently exist and addresses issues of global concern and interest.