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Tuesday 7th December at 10:00am GMT (English) hosted by Dr Musallam Abedtalas

The economic impact of displaced people on host communities: The case of Al-Bab District. (English)

This study investigates the economic impact of internally displaced persons (IDPs) on host communities in Syria, through the case of Al-Bab District, a mixed urban and rural area of approximately 1500 in the Aleppo Governorate. It adopts a multi-method approach, combining qualitative analysis of data obtained from 4 focus groups and 80 interviews, and quantitative analysis of survey data. The findings reveal both the positive and negative impacts of IDPs on host-community labour markets, consumption, education, healthcare, the environment and crime. In terms of education, IDPs have made an important positive contribution to the Al-Bab District by providing teachers (labour) and expertise (skills).