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Tuesday 7th December at 6:00pm GMT (English) hosted by Dr Mahmoud Zin Alabadin

Syrian cultural heritage during conflict: From destruction to reconstruction and its impact on Syrian cultural identity. The case of Aleppo. (English)

The fighting that took place in Aleppo city between 2012 and 2016 has resulted in massive destruction of many of the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. This study evaluates the current and ongoing restoration work in the city, with a focus on five of 5 of those projects as case studies. It documents the extent of the damage, as well as analysing the key issues arising from these restoration projects and assessing whether the restoration work conforms to international standards. The study reveals the absence of experts to plan and conduct restoration and reconstruction work to international standards, which is a major concern given the potential of such work to heighten the damage inflicted by the conflict on these important cultural heritage sites.