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Monday 6th December 10:40am GMT (English) hosted by Ahmad Korabi

Real estate registry in Syria after a decade of conflict: A tale of 3 cities (Duma, Ar-Raqqa, Idleb). (English)

A standardised comprehensive and fair ‘Real Estate Registry’ system will be central to establishing sustainable peace in Syria. This study sought to identify, analyse and compare changes in real estate registry systems, both central and local, in the three Syrian cities of Douma, Ar-raqqa and Idleb. Collectively, these reflect the situation of ‘real estate registry’ in Syria, having respectively fallen under the control of different state and non-state actors over the past decade of conflict. The study maps the timeframes and related activities of the various factions, as well as considering implications and challenges that await those whose task it will be to re-establish a standard real estate record system and rule over real-estate disputes once the war has ended. It suggests adoption of the French ‘Theorie des fonctionnaires de fait’, which was conceived as a pragmatic way to resolve real estate disputes, ensure the reliable function of public services and provide legal certainty in relation to administrative acts, as well as to ensure confidence in the overall legal system.