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Thursday 9th December at 10:00am GMT (English) hosted by Dr Abdulkarim Lakmes

Development of chickpea NAM (Nested Association Mapping) population to find novel genes for Syria. (English)

Chickpeas are one of the most important legume crops in the world. This study aimed to breed high-yielding, disease-resilient chickpeas by introducing genes from wild species with important traits relating to flowering time, flower colour, seed size, growth habit, as well as disease resistance in particular in relation to Ascochyta blight and Fusaruim wilt. Families were screened in either the field or glasshouses and genetic markers measured and analysed to enable us to compare and establish the gene action responsible for controlling such traits in chickpea NAM (Nested Association Mapping) populations, and to build a genetic map of both the number and locations of genes that might contribute to future plant breeding efforts.